Our Quality, Environment and OHS Policy

Within the scope of “Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Medium and High Voltage Conductor and Cable Connectors and Grounding Materials”, the industry in which we operate; our Quality, Environment and OHS policy is:


  • to produce products that meet customer demands and expectations without sacrificing quality,
    To keep our quality at the highest level by making our production in environments in which quality and legal conditions are complied with in all processes from the arrival of the raw material in our enterprise to the production and shipment,
  • to produce quality products by considering the legal requirements, product, production and storage standards, and also to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management Systems,
  • to continuously improve the Integrated (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) Management System and to provide the resources needed for this in a continuous and usable manner,
  • to work with educated and mindful personnel, respectful of customers, participation of employees at all levels in management, and adoption of continuous and widespread education, with a customer satisfaction-oriented approach.
  • to present our products to the market while being responsive to changing customer demands and technical advancements, and to maintain high levels of client satisfaction, expectations, and requests.
  • to prevent pollution in all our activities, to minimize pollution at its source, to encourage recycling by keeping our waste under control and to minimize it, to protect the environment by using efficient natural resources and by adopting the principle of continuous improvement, and to comply with all environmental legal and other conditions that we are obliged to fulfill,
  • to avoid work-related injury and illness by providing safe and healthy working environments;
  • to eliminate all risks that may adversely affect occupational health and safety during the realization of our scope activities;
  • administer in accordance with the hierarchy of replacement, Engineering controls, signs/warnings and/or other administrative controls and personal protective equipment;
  • to ensure the participation of our employees and employee representatives in consultation and participation activities;
  • and to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety legal and other requirements that we are obliged to fulfill, it has undertaken to prevent injuries and health deteriorations and to support the management by organizing the necessary training activities and providing visitor information for the adoption and implementation of Occupational Health and Safety by our employees.
There is no non-applicable ISO 9001:2015 standard item within the scope of our management system.

General Director